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La-Z-Boy: The Ideal Recliner…Your Way

All recliners are not created equally.

Have you ever considered a custom piece from La-Z-Boy? Bostic Sugg has been a La-Z-Boy partner for over 60 years! Bostic Sugg has their own La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio where they have dedicated space on their showroom floor for all La-Z-Boy products. 

Did you know that La-Z-Boy Invented the recliner in 1927? La-Z-Boy also has some of the most unique features. Some of those features include the independent reclining back where you can recline while also rocking. There is also a 3 position double locking footrest and the wing nuts underneath are adjustable to customize the chair to the size of the person using it. 

In addition to the above mentioned features, La-Z-Boy also provides many styles and over 800 fabrics and leathers to choose from when creating your custom piece. 

Did you also know that La-Z-Boy doesn’t just make recliners? They also make, Sleepers, Decorative classic press back recliners, Swivel Chairs, and Duo power reclining sofas! They have the look of a stationary sofa with the surprise reclining function. This design allows the leg rest to move forward and upward. 

Customers can create their perfect piece at a price point that works for them. 

Bostic Sugg Furniture, serving eastern North Carolina from Raleigh to the coast since 1937!