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Let’s Talk Custom

When it comes to custom, Bassett BenchMade is where it’s at. You can choose all the way from your base, to the arms, to the fabric. Anyone can walk in and design their entire sofa, chair, or sectional that fits their taste, lifestyle, and space.

There are several types of internal cushions to choose from. One being Reaction Foam. Reaction Foam is a feature that sets Bassett BenchMade apart as well. It doesn’t wear the way memory foam does. It bounces right back for years to come!

The BenchMade Motion sofas are another stand-out. They found a way to make a stationary frame that can still do a full recline while the sofa remains against the wall. You could even put a sofa table behind and it won’t be disturbed because the motion mechanism is inside the frame. 

And finally, the Beckham Collection is a best-selling collection. It allows you to customize your sectional, sofa, and chairs to fit your space and style perfectly. 

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